NSW Sheep and Goat eID Rebate Scheme

From the RAA Website

Primary producers, stock and station agents, saleyards and processors in NSW can now apply for a rebate to supplement the purchase and installation of eID systems and equipment for sheep and farmed goats, which will become mandatory practice nation-wide.  

  • Primary producers can apply for a 50% rebate, up to $11,250 for an auto drafter that is fitted with a panel reader and related software, and/or up to $4,000 for readers and related software only. 
  • Stock and station agents can apply for a 50% rebate, up to $2,000, for pocket or stick eID readers, and purchase, installation and training for software connected to sheep and goat eID infrastructure.  
  • Saleyards can apply for a 100% rebate, up to $790,000 for eID readers, auto drafters, structural modifications, connectivity infrastructure, eID hardware and software as well as training, project planning and design consultants. 
  • Processors can apply for a 50% rebate, up to $97,000 for eID readers, hardware, connectivity infrastructure and related trainings and software.

Eligible purchases and installations undertaken since 15 December 2022 can be claimed. Program guidelines are provided on the RAA website and include detailed eligibility criteria.

We encourage you not to self-assess eligibility and to seek advice from a Rural Financial Counsellor or contact the RAA should you require any further information before applying.   

Please note that funding is limited and applications will be considered in order of date received. For more information, visit the RAA website, call our team on 1800 678 593 or email us via rural.assist@raa.nsw.gov.au.  

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Ear!

It’s that time of year again – a time when we all try to hang up our hats and swap the boots for a pair of thongs to celebrate Christmas with our flock.

A huge Merry Christmas from us at Ear Tags Warehouse! Thank ewe for your support during 2022 and a happy New Ear to you all!

Christmas Closing Claus

Weed like to remind you that our manufacturers will be taking a break from 5pm December 23rd and will return on January 4th 2023. We will still be processing orders during this time in between spending time with family

Get a Spring in Your Step With Tags That Last

It’s no good to be limping into a dry season like a Kelpie with a Cathead! We all need a win occasionally. Spring into the season with a good decision on your ear tags purchase at the Ear Tags Warehouse!

Tags that last the distance…

Our aim is to make livestock tagging simple, efficient and cost-effective for everyone, and to get you tags that will last in the harsh Australian conditions.

We’re as Australian as a roast on Sunday. We are breeders and exporters from Central Western NSW with a passion for livestock identification and protection of our international livestock, meat and dairy reputation.

Your business is our business…

We know the rules, we know the products and we have a great relationship with the manufacturers. Our business is to help your business order accurate and reliable ear tags, readers and accessories.

The Ear Tags Warehouse was set up by the families behind AllStock (NSW) Pty Ltd. We have a long history working with, and tagging, livestock so we know the issues you face because we have faced them too.

Cattle Ear Tags – Let’s get you mooooving!

Don’t get bogged down searching through ear tags you don’t need. Moove things along quicker by choosing from our industry-specific list of tags from all the leading manufacturers.

Australia’s NLIS tags for cattle can be either an ear tag or a rumen bolus with a visual ear tag combination. The tags vary in size (small to Super Maxi’s) and colours, with up 18 colours from the one ear tag manufacturer. Ear tag printing choices are extensive. No bull!!!


Sheep Ear Tags – We’ll help ewe get sorted!

Knowing what product is best for ewe isn’t always easy. We are one step ahead of ewe. Use our Prized Stud recommendation guide to work out which ear tag suits your flock best.

NLIS approved ear tags for sheep can be from a variety of visual ear tags or an RFID (EID) electronic ear tag. The visual range comes in many styles, shapes, sizes and colours with various print options waiting for ewe.


Goat Ear Tags – We don’t kid around about livestock ID!

NLIS devices for goats can either be from a few visual ear tags or an RFID (EID) electronic ear tag list. The visual range provides many styles, shapes, sizes and colours with various print options. We’ve got you covered – no kidding!


Pig Ear Tags – We will save your bacon!

Identify your pig for accurate performance records. Ear tags are useful for re-identifying breeding stock as they are easier to read compared to ear notches or tattoos. We recommend the two-piece visual tag range also used in sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas. We don’t tell porky pies.

February 2018 saw the introduction of PigPass and the mandatory National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) requirements for traceability of pigs. This traces movements between Property Identification Codes (PICs) using visual ear tags printed with your PIC or a pig slap brand registered to your property.

All weaned pigs leaving the property now need to be identified with a brand/tattoo or an NLIS approved pig tag. Yellow for Breeder and Orange for Post Breeder.

Before leaving the Breeder property of birth, pigs must be tagged in the left ear with a Breeder Tag (Yellow). Before leaving any other property, pigs must be tagged in the right ear with a Post Breeder Tag (Orange)


Alpaca Ear Tags – Together we can help stop the Alpacalypse!

No NLIS for you guys yet but, don’t be allamad, we have a large selection of visual ear tags or an RFID ear tag. The range provides many styles, shapes, sizes and colours with various print options. They will complement your IAR brass tags.


Tags for Vineyards & Other Handy Uses – You name it… we tag it!

Cattle ear tags zippy tied to vines, trunks or posts, up trees, in a nest or deep down in the ocean on a crayfish pot – you think of it, we have sold it!

Ear tags may have been designed for animals, but with a bit of imagination they can be adapted to a huge range of purposes.

They come in a huge variety of colours and shapes with print options large and small. Don’t leave your idea hanging, talk to us to make it happen.


Tame the tagging time tantrums!

Never see another dummy spit at the tagging cradle again with our handy reminder service…

We’ve all been there and know that dust will fly… heads will roll when the Lead Tagger grabs at an empty tag bag and is met with a vacant gaze by the Chief of Ordering.

We’re happy to be your tag nag…

Take advantage of our reminder service and never again face the wrath of a whinging wife or disgruntled dad over a forgotten order.

Let us send you a friendly reminder with plenty of time to meet compliance and have your customised visual or EID ear tags delivered straight to your door. We’ll even check them for you to make sure your order is accurate.

Don’t get hog-tied by paperwork!

Save your NLIS forms with us and only re-send them when they have expired. Quickly compare orders between different years without scrounging around in the farm filing system.

Get the industry round-up…

We keep on top of all the changes within the different livestock industries and with NLIS requirements. We also know about the benefits electronic ear tagging can bring and we’re happy to share what we know.

Tell us what information interests you and we’ll get our heelers to round it up for you and herd it into your inbox.

Don’t get fleeced!

We always keep our prices competitive. Becoming an Ear Tags Warehouse subscriber gives you access to all our special deals and discounts so you can save even more. Don’t forget… if you find it cheaper elsewhere – we will price match it.

No bull!

We value your privacy, so we won’t share your details or pester you. We ask you what’s relevant and that is all we send you. You see enough crap in your paddock, you don’t need it in your inbox.

Sign up here


Please e-mail us anytime – orders@eartags.com.au or ph/txt us on 0438 169839. Weed love to hear from ewe!

Top 5 Dinky-Di Reasons for Ewe to Choose Ear Tags Warehouse

Why choose the Ear Tags Warehouse to order your next lot of standard or custom  made ear tags? We think if ewe read on ewe will agree with our top 5 dinky-di reasons…

  1. We are an Australian family business dedicated to protecting our valuable livestock industry.

The Ear Tags Warehouse is an Australian family business dedicated to making livestock tagging simple, efficient and cost effective.

No bull – we are as Australian as a Sunday roast! We are livestock breeders and exporters from Central Western NSW with a passion for livestock identification and the protection of our international meat and dairy reputation.

  1. We provide expert advice and reliable products for small and large livestock producers.

We know the rules, we know the products and we have a great relationship with the manufacturers. Our business is to help you access accurate and reliable ear tags, readers and accessories.

We pride ourselves on our relationship with both our customers and our suppliers. We only supply tags designed to last in the harsh Australian conditions from Allflex, Leader Products, Zee Tags & Agri-ID, Stockbrands, and Wagin Tally.

  1. Ears not required! You name it – we can tag it.

At Ear Tags Warehouse we are renown for our ability to put a tag on just about anything required. We sell a range of tags for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and alpacas.

We also supply custom tags for a range of other purposes from aquatic scientific research to vineyard posts. We have completed custom tags for everything from pet and luggage identification to small intimate weddings and large-scale regional tourism events.

  1. We get our kicks from supporting Regional Australia.

There is a team of people from across regional Australia behind the Ear Tags Warehouse success story. We never outsource jobs that can be done in Australia to overseas, and only employ regionally based team members.

  1. No porky pies – we are here to help ewe!

We are a one-stop-shop for everything related to tagging and identification at the Ear Tags Warehouse. We supply one- and two-piece tags, applicators, electronic EID/RFID, NLIS, and readers.

At the end of the day, we not only sell these products – we use them, so we know what we’re talking about!

Custom Tags… Everyone is Doing it!

At Ear Tags Warehouse we are all about getting you tagged! Yes, that’s right we enjoy a good tag ourselves – a custom designed tag that is. You name it – we can tag it!

Now if you’ve never been tagged before then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. We’ve seen it all here at Ear Tags Warehouse. Be as creative as you want. Our motto is to tag whatever we can get our hands on!

Ear tags may have been designed for animals, but with a bit of imagination they can be adapted to a huge range of purposes.

Let’s get tagging!

Everyone is doing it! See below for some great tagging inspiration! We tag flora and fauna… we even tag inanimate objects. People can’t seem to get enough of our tagging at events like concerts and other huge gatherings!

People are even tagging at weddings! For crying out loud – we have even tagged royals! We may have gone slightly tagging mad!

How can we help you get tagged?

We can help you with custom designed ear tags for whatever it is you have in mind. Choose your shape, size, colour and what you want printed on the tag and we will do the rest.

You can include logos, brands and up to four lines of text. The Ear Tags Warehouse team will be able to recommend the best product for your purpose.

Let us blow your mind!

You’d be amazed what ideas people come up with for ear tags. We have even put our tags on explosive sea mines. If you want to see if we can blow you away with our creativity – give us a call and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Please e-mail us anytime – orders@eartags.com.au or ph/txt us on 0438 169839. Weed love to hear from ewe!



Get a tag at your next big event, concert, or show!

It has almost become a badge of honour to get a good tag at an event. Our tags are roaming around all over the country proudly displayed on hats, belts, keyrings, bags and utes.

We have tagged all the big events from Birdsville to Batemans Bay and back. A great talking point and even better mobile marketing opportunity for your next ute or horse show, concert or event.

Weddings, parties, anything…

Why not get your next big event tagged? Getting married or having a special birthday celebration? Give your guests an invitation, place card or unique memento they won’t forget!

Design your own tag from a full range of colours and printing options. You could even design your own personalised logo on the other side for an extra special touch.

We just love tagging stuff!

We must admit it – we truly love tagging stuff! Our custom tags make for great personalised key rings or luggage identification for when your kids go off to camp or school. They are great for luggage identification for the young and old backpackers in the family.

We even tag our best friends…

Special family members deserve a tag! Show your best friend how much you care, and you will never go a day without him. You can include all your details so next time he does the ‘Harry Holt’ he can be returned.

Flora tagging for vineyards, forestry etc…

Vineyard and forestry tags are great for labelling species or rows and will stand up against the test of time and the weather. You can even have them bar-coded, laser marked or with custom artwork.

Fauna tagging – it’s never too wild for us!

Can you believe it… we have even tagged wild animals like sharks and birds all in the name of research! We have supplied researchers with important devices used to collate vital information.



Custom Tags Prove Popular for QLD Events

“We’ve been holding bush parties for a few years now north of Crows Nest, Queensland, attracting upwards of 200-300 people… The branded cattle tags are great… straight away it’s zip tied onto the Akubra and they disappear into the crowd for one hell of a night. Our custom cattle tags are a huge drawcard for the events. We look forward to working with Sally in designing the next lot for our End of a Summer Party in February and our big Music Muster. It’s always a pleasure.” Grace Lindsay, Squealing Pig Farm, Pierce’s Creek, Qld.