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Our standard method of sending orders is with Australia Post – Standard.
Postage – Flat Rate of $15.13

We can offer Express Post and Airbag – please contact us for a quote.

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Yes, the Eartags Warehouse can ship Internationally. Contact us for any questions and quotes for delivery. While the Eartags Warehouse will use all reasonable means to get each shipment to our international customers, there are strictly no refunds on International Orders that do not reach their destination.

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Generally, we don’t have minimum orders. But, some manufacturers have them, for example livestock tags. If there is a minimum order on a product, it will be noted on that product’s page. Don’t hesitate to call us on 0438 169 839 if you have any questions about minimum orders as it may be able to be included in a Bulk order.
Our range of manufacturers offer different forms of printing options. Please note that there are some restrictions for some of these print options.
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Approximately 10 to 14 business days from the date the order is processed.

This will vary during the year, with each manufacturer, if printing is required and Australia Post. During peak times of the year, it can be as long as 3-4 weeks.

Approximate delivery times:
  • Metro delivery within 3-5 business days
  • Regional delivery within 7-10 business days
  • Remote delivery within 14-20 business days


Please refer to the Lead Times for our Manufacturers for current print times.

It is recommended that Australian farmers (compulsory in some states) use the sheep ear tag colour that corresponds to the commonly used colour of the year system. It is an 8-year cycle as it is unlikely for commercial farmers to have sheep older than 8 years. Having a common colour system makes it easier for others (such as livestock buyers) to quickly identify the age of your livestock as these same colours are used by the majority of commercial farms for their sheep tags. The colours & matching years are:
Year Colour Year Colour Year Colour
2009 White 2017 White 2025 White
2010 Orange 2018 Orange 2026 Orange
2011 Light Green 2019 Light Green 2027 Light Green
2012 Purple 2020 Purple 2028 Purple
2013 Yellow 2021 Yellow 2029 Yellow
2014 Red 2022 Red 2030 Red
2015 Sky Blue 2023 Sky Blue 2031 Sky Blue
2016 Black 2024 Black 2031 Black
Post Breeder Tags (Any Year)

Is there a year colour chart for cattle management tags?

No, but it is useful to follow the same year colours as the sheep (8 colours) or if you want to use a prefix for the year, a standard system has been adopted in Australia where a letter represents the year of birth.

Please find the below table showing the associated year letter codes.