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Zee Tags & Agri-ID


Zee Tags is dedicated to supplying the agricultural community of Australia with the highest quality and innovative identification tags, applicators and microchips. Zee Tags is focused on delivering products that ensure life-long retention and readability.

The Zee Tags brand has been in existence since 1991. The complete range of tag products consists of RFID and visual tags covering all animal (including domestic pet), horticultural and viticulture sectors across the Australian agricultural industry. The appropriate products are compliant with the official NLIS scheme including RFID HDX technology.

The range of tags is applied with a unique and patented range of taggers that are designed with the end user in mind for safe, easy and accurate tag application.

In 2014, Zee Tags joined forces with Datamars, a leading global supplier of high performance unique-identification solutions, specializing in RFID technology.

Zee Tags is committed to the Australian Agricultural community and continuing to bring the high quality and innovative products, customer focus and technical expertise that they are known for.


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The original one piece tag - fast and easy to apply, proven superior retention, unique surgica cutting tip reduces the...

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