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Identify your pig for accurate performance records. Ear tags are useful for re-identifying breeding stock as they are easier to read compared to ear notches or tattoos.  We recommend the two piece visual tag range also used in sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas. We don’t tell porky pies.

The 1st February 2018 saw the introduction of PigPass and the mandatory National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) requirements for pigs tracebility. This traces  the pigs movements between Property Identification Codes (PICs) using visual ear tags printed with your PIC or a pig slap brand registered to your property.

All weaned pigs leaving the property will need to be identified with a brand/tattoo or an NLIS approved pig tag.

  • Yellow for Breeder
  • Orange for Post Breeder
  • Before leaving the Breeder property of birth, pigs must be tagged in the left ear with a Breeder Tag (Yellow). Before leaving any other property, pigs must be tagged in the right ear with a Post Breeder Tag (Orange)

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Leader Large Male – 58.20(W) X 72.60(H)mm  is a two piece tag, designed for ease of application and the toughest...

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