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<p>Direct Delivery Australia Wide</p>

Direct Delivery Australia Wide

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Select from Leaders in the Field

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Helping Livestock Producers since 1996

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Country Values in an Online World

Our Delivery Promise to Ewe

We know time is money, so we do everything we can to ensure your order arrives as quickly as possible. Delivery times vary with the manufacturers. The last thing you need is to get your ear tag delivery only to discover a mistake has butchered your order form and the tags are useless. Shopping online at Eartags Warehouse gives you the reassurance of knowing we won’t place your order if it is wrong. The quickest way to order is to register with us. Registering lets you view old orders, review your existing order and makes re-ordering even easier.


What Happens After I Order?

  1. Place your order online, by phone, fax, email or post.
  2. When we receive your order we will send you a confirmation email with all the details. Check it over carefully while we check it too.
  3. Keep a copy for taxation purposes but think before you print. If you don’t need a paper copy, the land will thank you.
  4. We process orders as daily.

Queensland Customers?
If you live in Queensland you will need to supply a current DPI form before we can process your order.  You can read more about it on our blog.

Victorian Customers?
Whilst we can supply you with management tags and applicators, all NLIS orders must made via Agriculture Victoria at https://tags.agriculture.vic.gov.au.

When Will I Get My Tags?
Tags are normally dispatched within 3 working days – sometimes the same day – however it all depends on who the manufacturer is, how busy they are and what machine they use to produce your product.  It is an unseasonal time of year and ear tags are Taking longer than 3 working days to produce.  This is currently extended to 12 working days for some manufacturers.  Please contact us if your ear tags are required faster than this.  Don’t forget to allow for postage time.

We speed up the process by asking them to carefully pack and send the orders to you directly but they keep us informed of what stage your order is at and we chase them up for you if we think things are slower than they should be.

We let you know when your tags are on their way.  There is sometimes a delay in getting this information out to you as we wait to hear from the manufacturers.

There are peak times for tag ordering which can stretch out processing times so take advantage of our reminder service and get in before the rest of the mob.

We have a great relationship with all our manufacturers and we are lucky they will work like a bull at a gate to get our orders processed. If you need your tags urgently, let us know and we will do whatever we can to help get you ready for market.

How Will I Get My Tags?
We get the manufacturers to deliver the custom printed ear tags, tags, applicators and accessories straight to you via a range of delivery services:

Allflex – regular, express post and TNT
Leader – regular and express post
Stockbrands – regular post
Wagin – regular post
Zee Tags – regular, express post and TNT

We follow up with the manufacturer and let you know when they are on their way.

If you have ordered from various manufacturers they will come in separate shipments.

Do I Have To Be There When My Order Arrives?
Each postie and courier is different. If you are happy to have your order left, tell us on your order where to leave the parcel If Not At Home section of your order form. We can’t guarantee this but, more often than not, the postie will if they can.

For regular and express Australia Post deliveries a PO Box is fine, or your farm address. Where the postie goes, so can your tags!!!

If your package is coming via courier it will have to go to a physical address within town – even if it is your local hair salon or favourite pub!

Tell Us Your Beef
Please check every order for printing accuracy and quality. If you are not satisfied let us know by email immediately on orders@eartags.com.au.

We only work with humans (oh, ok, and animals) but we are not robots. Although we like to think we offer a perfect service, occasionally human errors do occur.

Our mission is to get any problem fixed as quickly as possible with minimum of stress on you.

Along with Lincoln, our prized ram, customer service is our pride and joy. We will do our absolute best to get you smiling again.

It’s Easy To Order and then Pay

Shop online 24/7 or use the phone, fax, email or friendly postie to get your order to us. We also offer four different ways to pay. We are laid-back country folk, so whatever works for you is fine by us.

We have dirt beneath our nails and aren’t afraid of hard work. Place your order and we will gladly do the rest.

Online 24/7
We offer you personalised service and attention to detail – something a lot of other online businesses overlook. But we designed our site so we could offer more than something straight out of a box – we wanted to give you a commitment to ensure you get the right product for the right purpose.

We take off our sunnies and cast our well-trained eyes over your order before we send it off to the manufacturer. If you need NLIS complaint tags, we look to make sure the ones on your order are NLIS accredited (or conditionally-accredited) AND meet the legal printing requirements including the words Do Not Remove.

We give you peace of mind. Start your online order now.

Email orders@eartags.com.au

Our friendly team is happy to receive your order by email and enter it into our system for you. While we’re at it we’ll double check it all makes sense and meets any NLIS requirements. Then, we’ll send it off to the manufacturers for printing and delivery. After your first order we’ll know what you like so subsequent orders will be as quick as a whip.

Fax (02) 8076 1550
Don’t like computers? Download our fax order form. All you have to do is complete it and either email or fax it to this number. Easy as Apple Pie.

Phone 0438 169839
While we are happy to help you with your order over the phone, we won’t always be available as we have our own livestock to ear tag, vaccinate and drench too.

And, like some of our rams, our mobile reception can be pretty temperamental too.

So, while we do our best to take every call, our circumstances won’t always allow for it. That is why we have a message bank. Please leave your name, return number and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as we can, even if we have to grab some wire cutters and make our own temporary antenna booster on the highest hill in the paddock.

Post PO Box 6049, Dubbo, NSW 2830
Snail mail is available. Just print out the order form here and send it in to us. Or, let us know you need a form and we will post one out to you.

How Do I Pay?
You don’t need an account to order with us but registering is a great option that will save you time next time you pop in.

All prices on our website are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Pay By:
Post to PO Box 6049, Dubbo, NSW 2830 Tags will not be ordered until cheque received, unless with prior agreement.
Credit Card
Visa or Mastercard using eWAY. We trust eWAY [logo here] to keep your encrypted information secure.

All payments are processed by Paypal or eWAY and operate independently to the Eartags Warehouse. We choose these options because they have a world-wide reputation for being safe and secure.

Direct Deposit
You can pay us directly into our regional NSW bank account either by transferring funds electronically or over the counter at any National Australia bank branch. Our bank details, the amount payable and your payment reference will be included on your confirmation email.

Flexible ordering

Shop online 24/7, send us an email, fax or Call us. Every order is checked for accuracy reducing our Blundstone bootprint on our earth. We are laid-back country folk, whatever works for you is fine by us.

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Vineyards and Other Uses

People are lining up at the farm gate to get our ear tags. We have customised tags for use at vineyards, on bikes, on dogs collars, promotional products, even birthdays and weddings.

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