It’s all in the application…

Choosing the right ear tag applicator is important for making the process of ear tagging as stress-free as possible. We have a huge range of applicator styles and brands to choose from at the Ear Tags Warehouse.

See which applicator is best for each ear tag on our ear tags product page. Find the ear tag you have purchased, and we’ll let you know which applicator we recommend.

Keep your blood pressure under control and get it right the first time!

Correct ear tag placement is critical if you want long-term retention. Too far in, too high, too low or hitting a main vein all impact ear tag retention – not to mention your blood pressure.

Applicators can be dispatched on the same day if orders are received before a cut off time so don’t get caught without one. By choosing the right applicator the application process runs smoother, is less stressful on you, and on your animals – including the dog.

Need applicator replacement parts? We have them too just ask us!


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