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Allflex Australia are leaders in the design, development, manufacture and delivery of animal identification, monitoring and traceability.

Allflex have NLIS cattle ear tags plus a full range of visual management tags. Allflex’s focus on tag retention, readability and reliability.

Size Range

Allflex range of tags (1-2-piece range) are called buttons, mini, small, medium, large, maxi and super maxi. There are male and female tags in all sizes except for the super maxi’s which are females only (121mm x 76mm).

Colour Range

There are nine colours in the 1-2-piece range including red, yellow, blue, purple, green, white, orange, pink, and black. The feedlot colour range includes 17 colours with the addition of brown and grey along with light versions of red, blue, purple, green, orange and pink. 

Printing Options

Choose from Pitch Black LazaFX premium high-quality printing system. They print the tags twice – once with their permanent Laser Printing method then the tags go back around for a coating of pitch-black ink. This combination produces the most visible marking available.

LazaFX is the main option and will be used where possible. There is a restriction on the sizes, but it is worth adjusting your requirements so LazaFX can work for you. Logos can’t be LazaFX so these will be done in laser etching.

Permanent laser etching is available with flexible marking options. Allflex marking technology provides you with a range of custom marking options including logos, barcodes and line art.

The Optimark process provides a shiny non-stick film that protects the face of the tag from dirt and slows the effects of UV exposure.

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