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Sheep A

Quick facts

  • Number as large as possible
  • 12 colours available
  • NLIS approved ( NLIS - SHEEP & GOATS )
  • Laza


Allflex flexitags are NLIS compliant for all states EXCEPT Victoria for sheep and goats.  They are perfect for your livestock id requirements.  Flexitags come in 12 colours and can be printed on both sides.  Dark Green and Dark Blue are not NLIS compliant. Ear Tags are 35mm in length and 14mm wide.  They are a similar size to flock tags but are shorter than them.  They come with a male and female end and it is the male that sits on top of the ear and gives you the most printing room so be sure to order on the male end.

1 or 2 Lines of Laza printing is possible on each side. These guys have a male and Female end and the Male sits on top of the ear and gives you the most printing room. So what you want to see or read, make sure you order on the male end. This style of ear tag comes in strips of 25 and are quick and easy to apply especially with a Fleximatic Applicator.

Flexitags are our most popular ear tags from Allflex for medium term use and quick application.

How to Apply – use an applicator !  The Flexitagger    – a single shot applicator.   Easy to tag and reload in seconds.  The  Fleximatic Applicator  can be used and is a semi-automatic 25-shot applicator for speedy application..  They are pretty quick to apply.

Uses Sheep Goats Alpaca, hats, keys, dog, cat, collar –  identify your animals with Flexitags.


These tags are not electronic – a visual tag that is NLIS approved