Get a Spring in Your Step With Tags That Last

It’s no good to be limping into a dry season like a Kelpie with a Cathead! We all need a win occasionally. Spring into the season with a good decision on your ear tags purchase at the Ear Tags Warehouse!

Tags that last the distance…

Our aim is to make livestock tagging simple, efficient and cost-effective for everyone, and to get you tags that will last in the harsh Australian conditions.

We’re as Australian as a roast on Sunday. We are breeders and exporters from Central Western NSW with a passion for livestock identification and protection of our international livestock, meat and dairy reputation.

Your business is our business…

We know the rules, we know the products and we have a great relationship with the manufacturers. Our business is to help your business order accurate and reliable ear tags, readers and accessories.

The Ear Tags Warehouse was set up by the families behind AllStock (NSW) Pty Ltd. We have a long history working with, and tagging, livestock so we know the issues you face because we have faced them too.

Cattle Ear Tags – Let’s get you mooooving!

Don’t get bogged down searching through ear tags you don’t need. Moove things along quicker by choosing from our industry-specific list of tags from all the leading manufacturers.

Australia’s NLIS tags for cattle can be either an ear tag or a rumen bolus with a visual ear tag combination. The tags vary in size (small to Super Maxi’s) and colours, with up 18 colours from the one ear tag manufacturer. Ear tag printing choices are extensive. No bull!!!


Sheep Ear Tags – We’ll help ewe get sorted!

Knowing what product is best for ewe isn’t always easy. We are one step ahead of ewe. Use our Prized Stud recommendation guide to work out which ear tag suits your flock best.

NLIS approved ear tags for sheep can be from a variety of visual ear tags or an RFID (EID) electronic ear tag. The visual range comes in many styles, shapes, sizes and colours with various print options waiting for ewe.


Goat Ear Tags – We don’t kid around about livestock ID!

NLIS devices for goats can either be from a few visual ear tags or an RFID (EID) electronic ear tag list. The visual range provides many styles, shapes, sizes and colours with various print options. We’ve got you covered – no kidding!


Pig Ear Tags – We will save your bacon!

Identify your pig for accurate performance records. Ear tags are useful for re-identifying breeding stock as they are easier to read compared to ear notches or tattoos. We recommend the two-piece visual tag range also used in sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas. We don’t tell porky pies.

February 2018 saw the introduction of PigPass and the mandatory National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) requirements for traceability of pigs. This traces movements between Property Identification Codes (PICs) using visual ear tags printed with your PIC or a pig slap brand registered to your property.

All weaned pigs leaving the property now need to be identified with a brand/tattoo or an NLIS approved pig tag. Yellow for Breeder and Orange for Post Breeder.

Before leaving the Breeder property of birth, pigs must be tagged in the left ear with a Breeder Tag (Yellow). Before leaving any other property, pigs must be tagged in the right ear with a Post Breeder Tag (Orange)


Alpaca Ear Tags – Together we can help stop the Alpacalypse!

No NLIS for you guys yet but, don’t be allamad, we have a large selection of visual ear tags or an RFID ear tag. The range provides many styles, shapes, sizes and colours with various print options. They will complement your IAR brass tags.


Tags for Vineyards & Other Handy Uses – You name it… we tag it!

Cattle ear tags zippy tied to vines, trunks or posts, up trees, in a nest or deep down in the ocean on a crayfish pot – you think of it, we have sold it!

Ear tags may have been designed for animals, but with a bit of imagination they can be adapted to a huge range of purposes.

They come in a huge variety of colours and shapes with print options large and small. Don’t leave your idea hanging, talk to us to make it happen.