NSW Sheep and Goat eID Rebate Scheme

From the RAA Website

Primary producers, stock and station agents, saleyards and processors in NSW can now apply for a rebate to supplement the purchase and installation of eID systems and equipment for sheep and farmed goats, which will become mandatory practice nation-wide.  

  • Primary producers can apply for a 50% rebate, up to $11,250 for an auto drafter that is fitted with a panel reader and related software, and/or up to $4,000 for readers and related software only. 
  • Stock and station agents can apply for a 50% rebate, up to $2,000, for pocket or stick eID readers, and purchase, installation and training for software connected to sheep and goat eID infrastructure.  
  • Saleyards can apply for a 100% rebate, up to $790,000 for eID readers, auto drafters, structural modifications, connectivity infrastructure, eID hardware and software as well as training, project planning and design consultants. 
  • Processors can apply for a 50% rebate, up to $97,000 for eID readers, hardware, connectivity infrastructure and related trainings and software.

Eligible purchases and installations undertaken since 15 December 2022 can be claimed. Program guidelines are provided on the RAA website and include detailed eligibility criteria.

We encourage you not to self-assess eligibility and to seek advice from a Rural Financial Counsellor or contact the RAA should you require any further information before applying.   

Please note that funding is limited and applications will be considered in order of date received. For more information, visit the RAA website, call our team on 1800 678 593 or email us via rural.assist@raa.nsw.gov.au.