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BlueTooth Docket Printer (IMZ220)

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BlueTooth Docket Printer (IMZ220) is ideal for fleece weight and micron samples going to a laboratory or test house for individual wool testing information. Also suitable for tail hairs.

This Docket Printer is ready to use and is a pre-programmed printer.

It prints RFID barcode to a paper docket.

Allflex BlueTooth Docket printer easily connects o RFID readers via BlueTooth technology.

The printer is fully portable and lightweight. It is also cord/cable free.

It allows for hands free operation as it can be clipped to your belt or pocket.

Durable, long life battery.

Cost effective docket paper (50mm X 50mm) can be used for multiple records (GWD, Micron, Binline).

Eliminates ID errors which improves accuracy and efficiency.

Allflex offers sale servicing and support available.