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TSU Tissue Sampling Units Box of 100

from $5.60 /tag

TSU, Sampling that is quick, accurate and easy to do.   Don’t waste time doing retesting

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Need to find out whose who and what is what ???  TSU Allflex Tissue Sampling Units are now available.  They are being accepted by the following laboratories Australian Sheep CRC , NSW DPI Diagnostic & Analytical Services , Swans Veterinary Services, Neogen Australasia and Zoetis Genetics Australia.

For $5.60 the benefits are substantial. Samples that can be taken include blood, semen and skin.  Then you can use them for DNA, pesitvirus or other serological testing. Although you can test yourself, the main uses are for cattle breeders, Angus, Herefords etc as well as other ruminants like sheep, goats, pigs, dear, camels and even fish

Time is money – these TSU’s are quick and easy to use.  Samples can be collected in seconds with minimal animal restraint. A single-squeeze motion collects a sample with minimum distress to the animal. These samples are clean and uncontaminated.  The genetic material is sealed and there is a ‘gel’ inside to preserve the DNA.

Great boxes with practical areas to record linked tag numbers if needed.   Next benefit is ease of transport, close box and post.

Then at the labs there is decreased retesting as high quality DNA has been sent.  Positive identification from a 2D barcode AND a panel is on every sample.  At Eartags.com.au we are also keen to supply you with matching management or NLIS ear tags to keep your records simple.  Sample to animal integrity kept. 


  • Requires the use of a2D barcode scanner