We’re a good breed

Eartags Warehouse was set up by Jane Rindfleish, co-owner and manager of Allstock (NSW) Pty Ltd, in response to the frustrations of people in the livestock industry.


A respected industry leader with more than 20 years experience in livestock production recording systems, sheep genetics and breeding, people shared their difficulties understanding NLIS requirements, finding ear tags that worked effectively or getting accurate information onto their cow, pig, alpaca, goat or sheep ear tags.


Jane had developed her own livestock software in the early 1990s, specialising in livestock identification and production recording, so, when compulsory identification was introduced in Australia she spent a lot of time explaining it to others, planting the seed that grew into the Eartags Warehouse.


AllStock has a 550 hectare property in regional NSW and is the largest and most diverse sheep and goat artificial breeding company in Australia. It has two government AQIS accredited export facilities and a separate semen freezing laboratory, embryo transfer and live animal export base.


There is a team of people from across regional Australia behind the Eartags Warehouse success story.


Experience working with large and small livestock producers, and as exporters, provides extensive knowledge in the area of compliance.


This knowledge, and their industry connections, are their strength.


Eartags Warehouse never outsources jobs that can be done in Australia to overseas, and only employs regionally based team members.


Jane is passionate about the future use of ear tags in the Australian livestock industry and the management advantages they will bring. Just like the GPS systems have changed cropping and farming systems, the future of electronic ear tags will bring significant benefits to Australian producers