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FET Tags – NLIS approved eID SA Only


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TagFaster Zee Tags for WA Producers  – SA Point of sale eID tag. Black and White Tags only

FET HDX –  NLIS Approved – available colours Black, White, Orange, Light Green, Light Purple, Yellow, Red, Light Blue & Light Pink. 9 Colours.  The male side is on the top and is the flatter of the two ends.  This is what you will see when you tag your livestock.  The female side goes underneath. It is the thicker of the 2.     Easy and fast to apply single shot tag

–          Available in RFID HDX and as a non-RFID

–          Its lightweight material makes it a great option to tag lambs, adult sheep, goats and small animals in general

–          Proven retention

–          Laser print delivers premium contract and high visibility of the information printed on the tag

–          Apply with Zee Tags FET Tagger