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Extra Large Female Duflex Ear Tag Drovers

SIZE: 64W x 102H


Used with a Duflex Drovers male button - great in the padddock so you can see the animals ID from the front and back

Australian Drovers Tag made by  Drovers ID is called the extended Duflex ear tag is the second largest in their range of female tags.  Rugged, lightweight and available in a variety of fade-resistant colours, DuFlex management tags are designed for long term livestock id and stay in (aka superior retention).  Designed to withstand the old Aussie climate but as we know, you like them easy to apply. The ultra-sharp male tip design that makes Drover’s NLIS cattle devices so easy to apply, is now available in the DuFlex Management Tag range.

With 11 Colours available – black, grey, white, blue, green, neon green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple – that is 2 more than other companies in the 2 piece range.  Tested and fade-resistant and of no surprise they say ‘all weather’.

Custom marking is available including Logos, Text and Reverse side marking. Customised printing of brands and images can be produced with a provided image. You can attach the image with your order. Drovers charge per side of printing rather than per line.  This is a financial bonus for cattle producers who require additional printing so you can request to be printed  as many lines as can fit.

These tags are easy to read from almost any angle making them great for identification out in the field.  They are the second largest tag in the Drovers tag range of cattle tags.  Drovers also have an NLIS approved Turbo tag for cattle and is approved within Australia and overseas.  Both tags have the same spear head designed male button with a positive locking system.   They promote that the sharper angle combined with this locking system results in better retention.

These tags all carry the Australian Made logo.  The other tags in their range include the extra large and large – one bigger, one smaller than this extended tag.  In the male range there is a large and button tag for cattle.


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