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AllFlex RapID Tags SA Point of Sale


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Sheep A NLIS

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  • 1 colours available
  • NLIS approved ( NLIS - SHEEP & GOATS )
  • Laza


SA ONLY and BLACK tags for 2024

RapIDTags Allflex Tag are NLIS compliant for both sheep and goats. This EID Tags  can be printed with alpha and numeric, one and two line printing options. The RapID Tag comes in convenient strips of 20.  They have a unique swivel action stem to reduce infection and aid in healing. The RapID Tag has the highest qaulity RFID transponder built into the stem to maximise read distence, For use in a RapIDTagger or a RapIDMatic Applicator for quick and easy application.


South Australia is implementing a national electronic identification (eID) traceability system for sheep and farmed goats. It’s important for ensuring the safety and accountability of agricultural products.

To summarize the information provided:

  • From January 1, 2024, primary producers in South Australia can receive a discount on Black (2024) eID tags for sheep and goats.
  • This discount will be available until December 31, 2024.
  • Additionally, there will be a discount on White (2025) eID tags for sheep and goats available from January 1, 2025, until June 30, 2025.
  • The discount per tag is $0.95, making fully accredited EID sheep & goat tags more accessible to producers.

This initiative not only promotes the adoption of eID technology but also incentivizes producers to comply with traceability standards, which can have numerous benefits for the industry, including improved disease management and market access.