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Allflex Maxi + Maxi Combo

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  • 9 colours available
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Allflex Matching Management Sets offer a combination of a visual tag matched to your National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) device and trayed as a unit for convenient application. They are most commonly used for cattle where a visual tag is also required in addition to the NLIS tag- you must order the Allflex NLIS Tag seperatley.

The NLIS Maxi + Maxi Combo contains a Maxi Female and Maxi Male Visual Tag – you will need to purchase the matching NLIS breeder/post breeder (EID) Female + Do Not Remove Male button.

Features and benefits

  • Bucket files are available to be downloaded for your herd management purposes.
  • The convenience of a trayed combination eliminating the need to ‘match’ these devices at a later date.
  • One applicator to apply both types of tags reducing equipment costs.
  • Traying reduces the risk of lost tag pieces.
  • The management number on the visual tag can also be marked on the NLIS tag (up to 5 digits).
  • The property name or brand/logo can also be printed on the visual tag.
  • Customised matching management tags are also available to include your name, company, logo, brand or any other information you may require.
  • Multiple combinations of NLIS matching management sets available with different sizes of visual tags available.