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Helping Livestock Producers since 1996

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We don’t need to remind ewe why correct livestock tagging and movement recording is important – it would be like preaching to the converted, but how did the whole thing begin?

Why is correct livestock tagging & recording of livestock movements important?

Let’s do a flashback to the mid 1990’s when spiral permed hair and livestock moved more freely throughout the district…

The need to know where an animal had been and what other animals it had been in contact with became an increasing focus for the markets following outbreaks such as “Mad Cow Disease” (or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, BSE) in the UK in 2001.

The Cotton Trash crisis in Australia and New Zealand in 1995-1996, where drought-fed cattle were contaminated with the Helix chemical and incidents of elevated levels of hormonal growth promoters, was also a deciding factor.

Protecting the quality of food & the reputation of our valuable industry…

In response to these disease and contamination crises, many countries with import livestock products imposed strict regulations to protect the quality of the food their citizens were consuming.

Australia exports around 70 per cent of its livestock and is renowned around the world for the high quality of its products. An accurate tracking database helps to assure the overseas markets of the integrity of Australian meat and dairy products.

National Livestock Identification (NLIS) was first introduced for cattle in Australian in 1999. It expanded to include sheep and goats in 2009. February 2018 saw the introduction of PigPass and the mandatory NLIS requirements for the traceability of pigs.

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