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Direct Delivery Australia Wide

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Select from Leaders in the Field

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Helping Livestock Producers since 1996

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Country Values in an Online World

NLIS Ear Tags

Not sure if your tags are the real deal? Choose from our selection of quality NLIS-accredited EID ear tags and visual tags to make sure you meet your legal obligations.

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Cattle Ear Tags – shop now

Don’t get bogged down searching through ear tags you don’t need. Moove things along quicker by choosing from our industry-specific list of tags from all the leading manufacturers.

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Sheep/Goat Ear Tags

Knowing what product is best for you isn’t always easy. We are one step ahead of ewe. Use our Prized Stud recommendation guide to work out which ear tag suits your flock best.

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Flexible ordering

Shop online 24/7, send us an email, fax or Call us. Every order is checked for accuracy reducing our Blundstone bootprint on our earth. We are laid-back country folk, whatever works for you is fine by us.

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Never Forget To Order

Take away the stress of the last-minute scramble to get your NLIS approved ear tags by signing up with us so we can send you a friendly reminder well before they are due.

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Vineyards and Other Uses

People are lining up at the farm gate to get our ear tags. We have customised tags for use at vineyards, on bikes, on dogs collars, promotional products, even birthdays and weddings.

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There’s No Flies On Us

We stick our nose in on NLIS changes and industry regulations and sharing it with you makes us as happy as sharing tea and scones. Sign up here to get all the goss.

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Look at the colorful language our customers use to describe us

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Awesome customer service, good quality printing, fast order turn around. Thanks again guys for delivering 5 start quality!

December 22, 2015


Top 5 Dinky-Di Reasons for Ewe to Choose Ear Tags Warehouse

Why choose the Ear Tags Warehouse to order your next lot of standard or custom  made ear tags? We think if ewe read on ewe will agree with our top 5 dinky-di reasons… We are an Australian family business dedicated to protecting our valuable livestock industry. The Ear Tags Warehouse is an Australian family business […]

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Ear!

It’s that time of year again – a time when we all try to hang up our hats and swap the boots for a pair of thongs to celebrate Christmas with our flock. A huge Merry Christmas from us at Ear Tags Warehouse! Thank ewe for your support during 2018 and a happy New Ear […]

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Custom Tags… Everyone is Doing it!

At Ear Tags Warehouse we are all about getting you tagged! Yes, that’s right we enjoy a good tag ourselves – a custom designed tag that is. You name it – we can tag it! Now if you’ve never been tagged before then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. We’ve seen it all […]

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